Best Electronic Dart Boards

The convenience of electronic darts boards is that you can use the software to set up shooting zones, track results in real-time, and record tournament history.

Below we’ll take a look at the best dart boards and their features.

BrandTarget areaGamesOther features
Arachnid Cricket Pro45 cm8 players 303 variations 33 gamesNylonTough-type segments
Arachnid Titanium 540040 cm8 players 183 variations 38 games9 LED screens
Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.040 cm183 variations 34 gamesWooden board
Arachnid Cricket Pro 80045 cm179 variations 39 gamesNylonTough-type segments
Arachnid Cricket Pro 65045 cm8 players 132 variations 24 gamesNylonTough-type segments Tournament spider Hints for players 6 darts are included
Fat Cat Mercury40 cm8 players 150 variations 28 gamesUltra-thin spider Built-in storage case 6 darts are included LCD screen
WIN.MAX8 players 65 variations 21 games 5 difficulty levelsProtective ring 12 darts are included
Viper 85045 cm450 variations6 darts are included Protective ring
Arachnid Cricket Pro 45045 cm31 games 178 variations  6 darts are included 5 LCD screens Score reports
Viper by GLD66 cm48 games 315 variations 17 additional light-games 8 players6 darts are included
Arachnid Cricket Pro 90045 cm48 games 8 players 301 variationsNylonTough-type segments 3-level Heckler feature 6 darts are included
Viper by GLD Products 80045 cm57 games 16 players 400 variations  Ultra-thin spider 6 darts are included Protective ring
Electronic Dart Board40 cm31 games 289 variations 16 players5 LCD screens 8 volume levels Protective ring 6 darts are included 80-days money-back warranty
Rally and Roar45 cm8 players 20 games 90 variations  Built-in and external batteries LCD screen 6 darts are included
Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 (Standing)45 cm8 players6 darts are included
Franklin50 cm65 variations  6 darts are included Built-in storage case Suitable for kids
Spider 36045 cmUp to 4 players 40 variations 8 gamesCompatible with an app Camera Leader board (3-month free, $1.99/month) LCD screen 6 darts are included
WIN.MAX 265 cm27 games 195 variations 8 players 5 difficulty levelsProtective ring LED screen 7 volume levels Built-in storage case 12 darts are included
Arachnid Marauder 5.080 cm38 games 137 variations4 screens
Viper40 cm34 games 8 players 180 variationsUltra-thin spider Built-in storage case 6 darts are included

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