With just 2-3 times a week usage of products listed below, you get professional teeth cleaning for your pet. Toothbrushes and toothpaste that are intended to make your pets’ life and health better, can be easily applied both by you and your dog or cat.

100% natural composition of the toothpaste and cruelty-free materials of the toothbrushes will make the cleaning process comfortable and safe.

The most important issues you can fix with these products are bad odor, tartar, plaque, gum diseases, and whitening.

Best Oral Health Tools for Pets

Let’s see the key features of the products offered by leading brands and veterinarians.

Arm & HammerTartar Control KitBeef-flavored toothpaste 2-sided toothbrushes
Arm & HammerFresh Breath KitChicken-flavored toothpaste 2-sided toothbrush silicone finger brush
Arm & HammerCharcoal kitCharcoal toothpaste 2-sided toothbrush silicone finger brush
Vet’s BestDog KitAloe based toothpaste 2-sided toothbrush
Vet’s BestDog Toothbrush10 ultra-soft finger brushes BPA-free toothpaste
Pets & PuppsToothbrushTwo-heads toothbrush
Pets FirstToothbrush2 9-inches long toothbrushes
emmi-petelectric toothbrush for pets 2.0Nanotechnology and ultrasonic waves-based toothbrush Toothpaste with nanoparticles 3 different attachments Charging station
BOSHELDog Finger Toothbrush Set2 plastic and 6 silicone finger brushes
H&H PetsDog Toothbrushes8 multi-angle toothbrushes
NylaboneOral Care Finger Brush2 soft finger brushes
Dog Toothbrush Toy100% natural TPR toothbrush for self-care
Orgrimmar3-Sided Pet Toothbrush4 brushes of different colors Tongue cleaner
Orgrimmar 2 Pcs3-Sided Pet Toothbrush2 brushes of different colors 3 nozzles
PenVinooDog Toothbrush4 two-heads brushes 4 finger brushes 6 two-finger brushes
Jasper 360ºDog Fingerbrush Toothbrush Kit2 soft silicone finger brushes with cases
Virbac C.E.T.Oral Hygiene Kit1 toothbrush with a handle 1 finger brush Toothpaste
Prymal PetsDog Toothbrush4 BPA-free bamboo toothbrushes