About us

For detailed information please visit our official website: terasale.com


For spam detection, along with the content of comments users leave on our website, we collect such personal data as IP addresses and user-agent strings. Users’ comment content includes text, images, emojis, links, and other data, as well as your avatar photo.


Users can extract all kinds of data on images and videos presented on our website, so check out the media you intend to upload for the EXIF GPS presence.


To save your user information required for leaving a comment, you can permit cookie collection on our website. These cookies will be active for the next 1 year.

If your browser doesn’t allow cookies, we’ll send a temporary cookie file. Once you’ve closed your browser it will be deleted automatically. It will not be saved on your device and provide us with any data.

After your authorization on our website, we send log-in cookie files which will be stored for 2 days. Also, we send screen features cookies which will be stored for 1 year.

In case you will push the “Remember me” button, cookies will be stored for 2 weeks or until you’ll exit.

An additional cookie file will be stored when you’ll edit an existing post or publish a new one. It will be active just for 1 day and just detects your post’s ID.

Embedded content

All embedded content pieces and their cookies work accordingly to the policy of the website they originally published on, and our website’s policy.

Data storage period

To skip moderation after your first post is approved, the information of unregistered users, such as comments’ content and its metadata, are stored for all time of the website’s existence.

The information of registered users, such as comments’ content and personal data, is also stored until they delete or change it. The username cannot be changed. Not only users but also admins can change users’ information.

Third-party data sharing

In case of a password reset application, we share your IP address in the instruction e-mail we send to you. We also share your comments’ content with automated spam detection services.

To understand, whether you use the Gravatar service or not, we collect your encoded e-mail address (a hash). For further information please check its official website.

User’s rights

All personal and public data can be claimed by the user. Users can claim to delete this data, except for the information used for legal and security purposes.