Getting sleepy and feeling awake throughout the day mostly depends on how comfortable one is sleeping place. Bed linen, blanket, pillow, and other bedding determine the quality of sleep at any age. In childhood, you can understand that a child is uncomfortable by the way he/she begins to spin or whimper. Adults have the same signals, but they often ignore them or simply do not notice due to fatigue.

Someone may also have joint and muscle problems for other reasons. Regardless of the cause, doctors usually recommend the use of a knee pillow so that the body can get into the most comfortable position during sleep.

How to choose

How to choose

There are so many types of knee pillows on the market. They differ in size, shape, thickness, purpose, and age. Other important factors are the material and specific features (ventilation, hypoallergenic, etc.).

To choose the most useful and comfortable pillow, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Comfort
  • Support

If you are looking for a knee pillow, focus on the problems that it should use for. You can also choose the optimal solution in the form of a silicone pillow with a pillowcase made of natural fabrics.

Some knee pillows come with additional features and fittings to help you secure them. This includes:

• Elastic straps — attached to the leg and do not fall off during rollovers.

• Velcro — perform a similar function as the straps but more is convenient to use. Ideal for children and the elderly.

• Cooling gel pads — for pain treatment in inflamed joints. May contain medicinal herbal extracts.

Your primary care physician should be your guideline. Even if you choose a pillow yourself, be sure to consult with a specialist about the quality of the selected product.

Best Knee Pillows

The most recommended knee pillow types are the following:

  • Rollers and half-rollers. Adds comfort in sitting and lying positions. There are models with a relief surface that provides an additional massage effect.
  • Combi rollers. Inflatable models made of PVC, consisting of three section-rollers with different diameters. The smallest is placed under the knees, the largest – under the feet. Each section is individually inflated, which allows you to adjust the height and stiffness. The location of the legs above the level of the body helps in the fight against swelling, fatigue, heaviness in the legs, calf cramps, and varicosis. Not the most “anatomical” model, but still better than lying with your “buzzing” legs on the wall.
  • Pillow-wedge for leg relief. Also called contour. A more advanced option in comparison with combi rollers. Anatomical bulges exactly repeat the shape of the legs (knee, calf muscle, ankle), which creates the effect of a “quick rest”.
  • Two-block wave-shaped pillow. One of the best products for those who had surgery on the knee and hip joints. Such a need may arise during pregnancy, in the postoperative period (of the hip joint or legs), for people who have injured their legs.
  • Pillow with anatomical recesses for the knees. Fixing tape allows you not to “lose” the pillow when flipping to the other side. A particularly relevant model in the postoperative period (3-4 months) for hip replacement.
  • Whole-body pillow. Ideal for pregnant women and those who suffer from lack of sleep due to the inability to find a comfortable position.

Best products

Below, we’ll take a look at the best knee pillows and their feature.

Cushy Form Back Pain Relief BolsterCushy Form Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Side SleepersComfilife Orthopedic Knee Pillow ContourEverlasting Comfort Leg Pillow for SleepingCoop Home Goods Bolster
FunctionMultifunctional For use after surgery; in physiotherapy; in sciatica treatmentMultifunctional For people with • sciatica; • ankles; • hip joints pain For pregnantMultifunctional For various joint and muscle problemsMulti- functional For various joint and muscle problemsMulti- functional For various joint and muscle problems For physiotherapy and massage
MaterialOrganic cottonViscoelastic100% pure foam100% pure foamBamboo viscose
ShapeWedge-shapedHourglassErgonomic, body shapeHourglassCrescent-shaped
Special featuresVentilation HypoallergenicMemory effectMemory effectadjustable, detachable strap and earplugs; Memory effectRemovable filling layer
DisadvantageQuick wear