The choice of cleaning equipment for the garden and yard is not an easy decision for even the most experienced gardener. Mulchers, blowers, vacuum cleaners, and other machines can help great but the wrong choice can cost you a lot of money and wasted time.

In this guide, we’ll help you to find the perfect solution for you.


  1. Vacuum cleaners
  2. Vacuum mulchers
  3. Backpack blowers
  4. Industrial vacuum cleaners and blowers

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners

The work principle is no different from home vacuum cleaners, however, there is a difference in what the work of vacuum cleaners for the yard is based on. There are three types of vacuum cleaner for cleaning leaves and other debris: gasoline, battery-powered and corded.

Gasoline vacuum cleaners are an industrial option and are suitable for a large area with a lot of debris. In addition to the risk of air pollution, they are also distinguished by the fact that they create a lot of noise, which can negatively affect others.

Battery-powered (electric) vacuum cleaners in this regard are in many ways superior to gasoline ones. In addition, they are more compact, transportable and easy-to-use. The main disadvantage of electric vacuum cleaners is the limited battery life. Therefore, if you need to work for a long time, take care of the outlet.

Among the well-known brands of garden vacuum cleaners, the BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 model can be distinguished. The manufacturer offers additional features such as mulching and a built-in fast-charging battery that allows you to increase the operating time.

Vacuum mulchers

Vacuum mulchers

If with a small amount of leaves in the area to be cleaned, there are no problems with emptying the container with garbage inside the device, with large volumes this can be a real challenge. You will have to spend time and effort cleaning it, which is not an easy task in the case of large devices. Also, a disproportionately large volume of leaves in the container can cause damage of the machine.

To prevent these risks, it is recommended to use mulchers designed to automatically grind the captured leaves to the smallest particles.

The variety of mulchers is much greater than that of vacuum cleaners. They differ not only in size. There are manual mulchers (portable) and mobile (on wheels).

When choosing a mulcher, also consider factors such as air flow (CFM) and impeller rotation speed (mph).

The most practical solution at the moment are Greenworks mulchers. The brushless motor allows you to work more efficiently, the adjustable speed makes it convenient for the technician, and the maximum possible airflow helps to clean hard surfaces as well.

Backpack blowers

Backpack blowers

Great solution for cleaning large areas (including parks, vegetable gardens, etc.). Blowers are divided into gas, gasoline and electric.

Gasoline ones have more power, while electric ones are more convenient and safe to use. Gasoline, in turn, are divided into two- and four-stroke. The former are designed for cleaning small volumes, and the latter for large ones.

Electric blowers are a favorite for those gardeners who value sustainability and don’t worry too much about having to use an outlet or an extension cord (for corded ones).

For example, the EGO Power+ LB5804 580CFM offers variable speed and a lithium-ion battery that allows you to work autonomously at maximum speed for more than an hour.

Gas blowers operate on a mixture of gas and oil. Their power is often superior to gasoline and electric counterparts, but they carry risks of environmental pollution. Although they are also available in knapsack form, they can be harmful to health if worn constantly due to noise and heavy weight.

However, some manufacturers have taken care of the personnel working with such devices.

The Husqvarna 965877502 gas blower is virtually silent and still holds up to 17 ounces of fuel. A special belt and loincloth allow you to add mobility if you need to clean in places where conventional cars are difficult to reach (on rooftops, in basements, etc.).

The Makita BHX2500CA blower is also designed to be quiet and vibration-free, with a waste disposal system to ensure minimal emissions. The product complies with EPA and CARB standards.

The BLACK+DECKER (BV6000) Electric Leaf Blower 3-in-1 multifunctional blower offers three solutions at once: mulcher, blower and vacuum cleaner. Its light weight and quiet work make it a leader among many leaf cleaners.

Many of these devices are equipped with cooling technologies.

Industrial vacuum cleaners and blowers

Industrial vacuum cleaners and blowers

These devices are designed for large areas and large volumes of leaves. They are noisy, move by themselves with the help of wheels and work effectively only on a flat surface. Some of them are equipped with a pedal and a handle, which allows you to add manual control if necessary. They are ideal if you need to clean a large lawn.

When choosing industrial machines, make sure they have four wheels, a handle, a pedal, or a leveling chute. Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Jet Sweep Wheeled Leaf Blower is one of the most optimal solutions. In addition to a powerful motor, it is equipped with semi-pneumatic wheels on ball bearings and a rubberized handle. All this makes working with the machine as comfortable and safe as possible. Perfect for cleaning large gardens and parks.